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Overcoming bulimia changed my life as you will see from my story, or from looking out for me on The worlds maddest job interview, shown on Channel 4. Overcoming bulimia, or other eating disorders can change your life too, and I can help you through:

  • One to one consultations
  • Healthy lifestyle distance learning
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Motivational speaking
  • Corporate events and product launches
  • Personal fitness training
No Time Like the Present

Only you can take control of your life and be the person that you want to be, but often support is necessary to get that control. With help, eating disorders, negative self-image, even self-loathing can be overcome. Take the first step towards the healthier, happier future you want and deserve by clicking in the header of any page to email me. You can be sure of a personal, confidential reply from someone who understands, having been there myself.

World's maddest job interview

Here I am relaxing after a long day's shooting. The documentary was filmed entirely on location at the old Tobacco factory in Wapping...what an amazing place!! So nothing was filmed in a studio. The Channel 4 goes Mad session of programmes all cover different aspects of mental health issues, with The worlds maddest job interview approaching the taboo subject of how people with mental health issues are perceived within a work place or by Employers.

I (and the other 7 volunteers) were taking part to see how the Employer panel (also taking part in the documentary) viewed our 'employabilty'. Although they knew that some of had a mental health history, they had no idea which of us did - they could only watch how we coped with a variety of tasks and make up their minds from?what they saw us do.

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