Debbie Francis, Qualified Personal Trainer - Testimonials

"I have been involved in running a great variety of companies for some 40 years. ?During that time, I have interviewed many executives, and am probably best known for my appearances on ?The Apprentice?, as the very tough interviewer.
I was therefore a natural choice for Channel 4 when they commissioned a programme called ?The World?s maddest job interview?. ?Essentially, I was asked to observe 8 volunteers, over a 5 day period, and assess their employability ??The volunteers were required to perform a host of tasks under time pressure, and with the added stress occasioned by a host of camera crews and other observers.
It is fair to say that Debbie excelled during all the tasks, showing originality in her thought process, leadership and a capacity to work hard and well in both group and individual tasks.? Indeed, I marked Debbie out in terms of employability right from the start, as my notes indicate that she ?had poise and was very engaging?. ?This initial assessment was confirmed throughout the process, and she was at all times in the ?Top 3?.
It was something of a shock, when on the last day of filming, Debbie revealed that she had a long history of Bulimia, but no surprise at all that throughout her ordeal she had stayed in constant employment and never missed a day in relation to her illness. ?That shows great strength of character, and to my mind made her all the more exceptional."
Claude Littner

"I met Debbie when she was a volunteer and I was one of three employers on the Channel 4 TV programme The Worlds Maddest Job Interview. We watched Debbie and 7 other volunteers completing a series of work related tasks over 5 days with the objective of finding out who was employable and who was in our top 3 ie most employable. We knew nothing about any volunteer other than that some had experienced mental health issues.

Debbie shone from day 1 and remained in our top 3 throughout the 5 days performing well in each task. She displayed excellent skills not only showing calmness, strength and creativity but also tenacity, team leadership, clear thinking a balanced approach to risk taking and organisational skills. She displayed the skills I look for in an employee and at the same time showed a warm and fun personality.

When Debbie told us her story of 30 years of bulimia I was shocked. It made her abilities even more accomplished and as an individual inspirational. Anyone who has come through what she has experienced and shines in the challenging environment of the Worlds Maddest Job Interview is someone I am privileged to have met and I feel very inspired by Debbie journey. "
Elaine Holt

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