Debbie Francis, Motivational Speaker - Addressing Small Groups or Large

For those of you have seen me on "The world's maddest job interview" I'm sure you will have a good idea about my sense of humour (ie different uses for 1 brick!!), my style and presentation. Although Bulimia, the additional negative mind set and consequences that came with having the illness in themselves are not pleasant, I present my recovery story in a moving and often amusing way. To have come through so much and retained such a sense of humour and determination to succeed, is little short of a miracle! The techniques I have learnt to enable to recover can be used in any walk of life and will make you realise your own potential for being happier on a day to day basis.

Whether you are group of medical professionals, an organisation in need of an after dinner speaker, a school or a group looking for an inspirational question and answer session, I would be pleased to hear from you.
I do charge a fee and also traveling expenses.

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