Debbie Francis - The Bulimic Days


At the time that these photographs were taken, my bulimia was at its worst. Photograhic proof of just?how MUCH of a mind problem Bulimia is - because at these times I hated my body and what I looked like! I feel they are very important to highlight the enormous difference between the?'truth' (ie how everyone else sees you) from what a Bulimic's head tells them is true - which is actually all lies!

Brides of Southampton, the bridal company I was modelling?(in the above photos)?for used me in their shows for 21 YEARS, from aged 15 until I was 36. When I was about 19 years old (so during the time when my illness got really bad) a Model Agency approached me at a Bridal show and asked me to join their books, however when I went to their offices and saw photo's of all their amazing models, I believed I was far too ugly and big compared to them and declined their offer of taking me on. These are all examples of how OTHER people could see what I really like, when my illness did not allow Me to see the same person.

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