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13/07/2012: Channel 4 Goes Mad in the Workplace
As part of the Channel 4 Series "Channel 4 Goes Mad", I have been taking part in the "World's maddest job interview". It'll be shown as 90 minute programme on July 25th at 10pm. It's one of 3 different programmes being shown as part of this series and looks at the effects of bulimia and other mental conditions on working life.

Filming took place entirely on location from 23rd-27th June 2012.

The photo was taken in the 'volunteers' lounge, that we put together as one of our tasks. I feel incredibly grateful to Cineflix (the production company) and to Channel 4 for choosing me as one of people to take part in this ground breaking documentary. It was an amazing experience to be part of and I had the most fantastic time taking part.

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